Our Machines

Our "Bean to Cup" Gourmet Office Coffee Machines

Our Bianchi gourmet coffee machines are made in Italy. They are known world wide for being one of the top brands in "bean to cup" coffee vending.

JBC Model 125

The stylish packaging of this model will look great on any counter. Perfect for smaller offices or businesses up to 30 employees.

The 170 mm high delivery area (with lighting), will accommodate small espresso cups, big mugs, or even a jug. With up to 8 hot beverages to choose from, this unit produces a great cup of coffee, with a fully customization selection!

JBC Model 325

The flagship unit in our lineup.  The JBC 325 looks great on either a counter, or as a cabinet "free standing" model.        

Perfect for medium sized offices of 30 - 50 people.  The 12 hot beverage selection is fully customizable and is sure to satisfy all of your hardworking staff and clientele preferences. The 170 mm delivery area is suitable for small espresso cup, mug, or a jug.

JBC Model 525

This is the largest capacity for hot beverages available on the market.  The JBC 525 is a top of the line gourmet barista with versatility written all over it.   Your choice of a refillable tank, or plumbed operation, and the added choice of coin acceptance, makes this unit perfect for those accounts looking for full feature capabilities and flexibility.

It also has the added benefit of a 7" LCD screen for promoting your own company products through videos and screen messaging.  The JBC 525 will suit both employees and clients, as it comes standard with a 170 mm illuminated cup station, including a fold away espresso cup, internal cup drop, or "bring your own" mug selection.


Each Javaport machine is calibrated in Italy, for exact performance and quality. Our machines vary in size and features based on your specific needs, and we install them free of charge at your most convenient location. Here are the top reasons why our machines help give you the best coffee experience at the most affordable prices.


Environmentally Conscious

Unlike non-biodegradable k-pods, our ingredients are freeze-dried in separate reusable containers where each component is gravity fed when a cup of coffee is made. This means we don’t need any additional plastics or materials to brew our coffee, just the freshest, most natural way of brewing!


Maintenance & Cleaning

Due to the quality design of our machines, we ensure that any problems can be fixed as quickly as possible. Javaport provides regular cleaning & maintenance so those who use our services will not need to worry about the hassle of cleaning out our system.


Added Value

A quality cup of coffee shows any clients their customer value and appreciation. Rather than offer whichever limited selection you have, you now have the freedom to ask any employee, employer, and customer which coffee beverage they prefer and cater to their tastes. Our machines can also be placed in the most convenient location to save time from doing coffee runs.